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Owners, general managers and marketing managers often feel the need for top-level insights from outside. Life at the top is lonely. Leaders often feel like an island surrounded by a desert without a single idea. And, with no one to consult them, they often feel stuck:


How do I change my business trajectory to adapt to a changing market landscape?


How do I motivate my employees?


What can I do to modernize my branding and my marketing?


I have noticed that the end-costumers of my products are getting older. How do I restructure my business and my marketing so that I can target millennials? 


How can my business break out from the prison that is our local market, and be successful in foreign markets?


How can my business branch out?


Leaders come to us with question of this kind. And they leave our office with a newly found inspiration. It’s actually a bit like a therapy. Only the therapeutic subject is not your soul, but rather the soul of business. Sometimes a consultation is enough. Other times consultations lead to long-term cooperation.