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We are not an advertising agency. We are Black Florence. We believe that advertising in the old sense no longer works. Pushing your product or service onto people by way of relentless messaging through ads is futile. It is also cost-inefficient. In a world of unlimited customer choice, companies must first invest in authentic meanings, values, and emotions. Brand message is primary. Messaging is secondary.


Black Florence is a branding and marketing consultancy founded in 2013 by Jaunius Petraitis and Adomas Pūras. With a strong background in academic and business environments, the company’s founders are focused on developing paradigm-shifting brand concepts for ambitious companies. We are only working with businesses that understand the power of brands and meaningful communication.














Most of our clients are companies with an international profile. These companies approach us feeling frustrated with a lack of progress in exporting their otherwise excellent products. In most cases, the missing factor is meaningful communication. To be heard and listened to outside your local market, you need more than a great product. You need to infuse your product with an ideology that fills a human need, and tickles a human soul. A lack of meaningful brand messages is what’s keeping businesses away from international success.


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Production of Meaning: How It Works

Meaningful communication starts with the right questions. Instead of focusing exclusively on what you do as a company, you should ask what it is that your customers are feeling, wanting, and thinking. Once this mysterious world is successfully conquered, you can then engage with your target audience in a way that connects your product with the innermost beliefs of the people whom you expect to be your clients or customers. As recipes for successful brands go, this one is tried and tested. By developing a brand in this way, a company envelops its product with an aura of true authenticity. As a result, the value (and the price) of such brands is much higher than the sum of its product functions.


Drawing inspiration from the great Florentines da Vinci, Boccaccio and Machiavelli, we strive to be the best in the architecture of successful brand strategies in both B2B and B2B markets. While these are of course two very different worlds, the essentials are the same. On the one hand, your brand message must target both the rational, and the value-based inclinations of your target audience. On the other hand, the same message must be carefully differentiated from the noise generated by your competitors.



The key rule of the positioning game, however, is sincerity. No matter how creative or authentic, your brand message will not work if it is not aligned with the thought processes, worldviews and values inherent to your company. Whatever is communicated to the outside must be believed internally.


As producers of meaning, we infuse brands with cultural codes, charisma, and a great dose of endorphins. Our main services include business strategy and brand positioning, export strategy, business consultancy, copywriting, B2B content marketing, B2C content marketing, export communications, and public relations.



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