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Communication: differentiate or…


At Black Florence, we believe that 90 percent of advertising is inefficient. It resembles the rumblings of a person who has nothing intelligent to say. Therefore, communication and advertising should always be preceded by branding and message-building. And by branding we don’t mean only logotypes and brand books. These are just the final expressions of an intellectual, analytical and creative process that allows to differentiate your brand, and to dramatize the functional and emotional values of your product or service. Only when the message is developed, messaging can commence.


When all the homework is done, we help companies develop and implement efficient communication campaigns. The tools and media selected for such campaigns depend on a variety of factors: B2B or B2B, local or global, market leader or market challenger, online business or offline business, etc.



It must be emphasized, however, that Black Florence is not an advertising agency. We are a small team of intelligent thinkers, strategists and brand-makers. However, once we earn the confidence of our clients, we are usually entrusted to oversee the entire communication campaign. In such cases, we team up with trusted long-term partners in the fields of design, filming, digital marketing, and media planning. Like true godfathers of your brand, we make sure everything your brand does or says is reflective of the identity and objectives of your business.