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Your marketing dilemma:

message vs. messaging


There are many ways to talk about marketing. In essence, however, marketing should be understood as a two-stage process. The two stages are message and messaging. It is the folly of our times that most brands and businesses hurry to the stage of messaging (advertising) without first investing adequate intellectual resources in their messages (branding).


Message represents the soul of the brand. Branding means finding the perfect answer to the most important of questions: what functional and emotional values does your brand (product or service) represent? By developing a strong message, you are no longer selling just your product. You are selling something which is way more expensive and important: a way of life, a deep feeling, a sense of superiority, a commitment to a higher cause. At Black Florence, we employ the methods of strategic positioning and identity creation to develop unique and high-performing brands.



Bridging the gap between your brand and the mind of the consumer.


Once a strong brand message is developed and implemented, we can proceed to the stage of messaging. Messaging (or advertising) is about the tools and media of marketing. Tools: copywriting, graphic design, web design, audiovisual etc. Media: classic, digital, direct, social, etc. As co-parents of your brands and messages, we stay by your side in all stages of your marketing campaign.


Key takeaway: no marketing campaign will ever be productive without a unique and powerful brand message underlying your efforts. Messaging without a competitive message equals wasting money. This truth applies to both B2B and B2C.